Analyzing Tomorrow’s Advertising

The buzz about Smart TV has been there for quite some time. Every big player in the market is launching their own version of the Smart TV. Google has come out with Google TVApple is out with Apple TVTivo has already made its mark and now even Sony has entered the picture.

Our quest to be omnipresent and omniscient has propelled us to reach newer heights in multitasking. Consider these statistics:

  •  42% of American consumers surf the internet while watching the television (Deloitte).
  • 86% of US mobile Internet users are using their mobile devices at the same time as watching TV (Yahoo!/Nielsen).
  • 72% of under 25 mobile internet users in the UK post comments on TV shows using Twitter, and 56% do it on Facebook (Digital Clarity).

While it might not be correct to infer that the people want to be in touch with everything through a TV, we can definitely deduce that people are increasingly trying to be stay in touch with everything, including the TV.

And now that TV and socializing will go hand in hand, advertising will also take a new form. Here are the changes we can expect:

  • Target Advertising: While we are already seeing a sea change in the way target advertising is done, the scope of target advertisement will also increase massively. For instance, during advertisement breaks you and I might see ads of Tata Cars whereas the Ambanis might be viewing a Mercedes ad at the same time. Along the same lines, ads will be made with respect to the preference of the person or his social status, family background and not to forget religion. For instance, a person who is obsessed with porn might be shown a sleazy version of the ad whereas a family man with interest in books and Shakespeare might be viewing a much more refined ad which can be viewed by the entire family without raising any eyebrows.
  •  Interactive advertisement: Increasing efforts will be made to induce an immediatepositive response from a consumer. Ads with “push the button and get free home delivery” messages will flood the Smart TV. At present there is a huge gap between advertisement and sales and this will sure be step to bridge the gap.
  •  Action oriented advertisement: The “see it and forget it” method of advertisement will soon be overthrown by more action oriented advertisement. Action oriented advertising can be of two types: a)  The advertising might ease the way a consumer buys a product. For instance, “add to basket” has the power to drive viewers straight from TV to supermarket; and b)  The consumer might himself be the central part of an advertisement, rather than the product, which would not only increase the time the consumer views the advertisement but will also enable the consumer to know more about the product.

Advertising agencies prepared for such changes and take steps accordingly. One though will wonder how well and how fast the Indian advertising agencies respond to such changes

- Sridip

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