Lead Generation through Social Media

Initially Social media marketing started as an approach to create brand identity and generate awareness. Facebook and Twitter were used as platforms to build a community around a brand by simply posting and tweeting about the brand. With the changing social media behavior of people; posting photos, articles and discussion on current events have become outdated methods to generate leads. People are on the move 24×7 and so the challenge here is to create a unique and engaging content so that people not only share and like particular posts but rather turn into your potential client/customers.

The most important part is to identify which is the best platform to generate leads for your business. If you have a B2C business model, leads can be generated via all the available social media platforms but if it’s the B2B business model you follow, you will need to be careful in selecting the platforms you want to focus on.

Let us list all the possible social media platforms through which you can generate leads:



 Business owners are obsessed on getting more likes on their Facebook page, what they always ignore or forget is that they can actually generate a good amount of leads through their page. A lead generated via social media can be anything ranging from an email-id/phone number, right down to a FB profile of a prospect.

One of the most common and effective strategy being used today is, hosting a contest on the Facebook business page. Everyone likes to win something and get recognition on social media platforms. You can run ads for the contest so as to increase the visibility. Plus if the giveaway is something unique, people won’t mind sharing their personal details via a form.

Apart from the regular contest ad you can craft an ad that will grab Facebook users’ attention in the news feed. You can target fans, friends of fans etc. based on the type of service and products you require to promote. Also make sure that the ad is linked to a landing page with form-gated content and a clear call to action.

With the above suggestion it is needless to say that the content on the Facebook should be flawless and should be user friendly.



 The Lead generation cards helps advertisers find and connect with users outside of Twitter who might be interested in their message. This allows you, the company owner; to put a call to action button within the tweet, and then all a user needs to do is expand your tweet, click this button, and then share their email id and name with your company all without having to leave Twitter.

The tv ad targeting feature. This helps marketers connect with those who have seen their ads on TV. According to the announcement, it works by using fingerprinting technology to automatically detect when and where a brand’s commercials are running on TV.

Promoted accounts in timelines this new feature Twitter displays account recommendations on the timeline of mobile phones for users to connect with.

Plus Twitter has come up with availability of TV ad targeting on Twitter. TV ad targeting is currently available in beta for the U.S. market only, and only for customers running U.S. national TV ad campaigns.

Check the video out by following the link for more info on the same:  http://bit.ly/1cyEHLU



LinkedIn is mostly used by B2B firms to generate leads and recruit new employees. It is also used to scan a new employee’s profile for verification purposes. If your business is ignoring LinkedIn groups, chances are it is killing your B2B lead generation efforts. Let’s take a look at a few ways your business can use groups to your advantage.

First step is to create a LinkedIn group with all the relevant information; it should mention all the services and products your business has to offers. Once your LinkedIn group is created the second part is to join an existing group, the benefit is that they have an established user base. Someone has already done the legwork for you and created a community of users who have a common interest. For example if your company is in Health care supply chain, you can join communities where people discuss about supply chain and health IT.

Apart from above basic prerequisites you can create polls on the group just to engage the members and get to know what content will work on LinkedIn. Apart from this you can always run LinkedIn ads to approach the right people. But the main question comes especially from the business development side as to how one can build a business relationship?

One of the many powerful aspects of LinkedIn is that it tells you how closely connected you are to your prospective client. The dominant thing about LinkedIn is that it shows you “who you know” who might know someone at the company. You can work through your own network to get in touch with the company on your target list without having to go through the awkwardness that comes with when you make a cold call.

BLOGGING: Apart from all the above platforms blogging is also a great way to generate leads. A blog assists as a core part of social media vehicle for building and maintaining customer engagement from providing information regarding products and service to closing the sale. A blog can help one identify eligible prospects and customers for a business, regardless of whether it’s a B2B or B2C based business.

Which social media platforms do you consider best for lead generation?

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