232000000 Websites Vs Your Website: How SEO can help?

In the early stages of any business, it is accepted that people will know about you either through google search or word of mouth. ‘Word of mouth’ is an effective yet inconsistent method. On top of  that, if one of your customer is unhappy with your service or product, it can generate negative feedback which over shadows any positive ‘word of mouth’.

Search Engine Optimization is a process, which includes methods (and sometimes tricks) to make sure  that your website gets a higher page ranking, so that it shows up in the first page of any search engine result on the internet. With the every growing internet and countless websites coming up every day, SEO along with the SEM, is gaining more relevance than ever.

As these process is complex, due to the several guidelines from Google itself  (regarding valid methods and malpractices) and continues innovations in using keywords, deep linking and content, it is always advisable to take the help of an agency who knows the inside working of the SEO process. Now-a-days, you will come across many advertising agencies as well as design agencies, offering SEO services in its roster. Many specialized agencies are also present who devote their total skill and human resource into improving your page ranking.

If you are unaware of what Search Engine Optimization is, this Wikipedia article, is a good place to start.

- Subhadip

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