How Your Social Media Plans Can Fail?

Here are some tips to fail at Social Marketing….

1. Using the word “Media”: And treating it like “Media”. It is not. It doesn’t follow the rules of a media, and thus how you use it,  doesn’t follow how you use other medias.

2. Forgetting it’s “Social”: There are different ways of getting noticed, talked about, respected and “followed” in a social circle. No matter how big you are, if you are not social, with a helpful heart, and interesting conversations you just won’t cut it.

3. Believing it’s free: Now really? Think about this. How will people know about your great online campaign? You need advertising to promote your social efforts. And hiring people with little or no experience to handle your social “media” initiative just because they spend time on Facebook and Twitter is a terrible idea. Follow it and you will agree.

4. Only Facebook and Twitter and Youtube: The biggest is not always the best.Your business, your product and your consumers will decide the social platforms to work on. There are countless of options out there. Finding the right combination is a lot easier said than done.

5. It’s about sales: It is. But not definitely not directly. People won’t ‘follow’ or ‘like’ a sales pitch. You need to use the online social platforms for other disciplines of your business – customer service, product development etc. which in turn will drive your sales. Have a look at the image:

6. “It’s a chore!”: Treat it like a chore and it will show. Soon you will have a “boring” feel and in our experience at Year Zero Designs, have found a truth which never changes – Boring people sucks.

- Souvik

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