The Irony of SEO

Currently, I am reading this book “The Google Story” by David A. Vise. Well researched and written, the book is gripping from the word go, and considering my respect for Google, and my interest to know the real story behind their growth, the book immediately has taken almost 4 hours a day.

What intrigues me the most while reading it is, the whole concept of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is in itself against the reason why Google came into being. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were unsatisfied with the search engines of the day, like Yahoo, AskJeeves, Altavista, Inktomi etc. The results were not relevant, the database were not updated regularly and what is worse, companies and people had the option of paying these search engines and getting higher ranks.

Obviously, their frustration was shared by millions of other users, and that is one of the basic reasons for the growth of Google. Google provides relevant results because of the backlink theory. In simple terms, the more sites and pages have a link to your page, the higher your page will be shown in the results. There are also countless other variants used by Google in the formula, which keeps changing to beat the smartheads who want to crack the formula. But the backlinks remain important.

From the moment Danny Sullivan started spreading the methods how to get your website more visibility on the results, SEO was born. One of the basic trick of SEO is to create relevant backlinks, and this is where the irony lies.

Though, SEO is one of the services offered at Year Zero Designs, I can’t help wondering, isn’t this in direct contrast to the “relevant results” of Google? Of course, Google has a list of white and black practices of SEOSEO. Google should know it by itself. Isn’t it? and it makes the irony even more interesting. When the website is really important and relevant, it shouldn’t need

* If I miss anything, please do comment on that.

- Subhadip

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