Resolution Vs Planning

In the beginning of every year, we get very excited about our New Year resolutions. A few examples are, “I will avoid junk food”, “I will be disciplined”, “I will read everyday”, “I will watch less TV”, and so on and so forth.

As time passes by, we realize that most of our resolutions are failing. By time, I meant the first week of February though. Once we take a bite of that delicious burger, or oversleep a bit on a Monday, or even lose temper over a trifle, we take them for granted and consider these traits to be a part of our everyday life once again.

The truth is by March, the first quarter of the year is over, and nothing has changed from the previous year, and we have accepted it, and we wait anxiously for the next couple of quarters to pass by, so that we can bask in the sunshine of the next year, and take brand new resolutions again!

Is that it?

We miss a very minute detail over this span of time. A very powerful quality. It’s called Planning.

Imagine if we take one day at a time, and plan our day out, wouldn’t things be simpler to achieve? Wouldn’t we stop disappointing ourselves over failed resolutions, the failure to overcome the laziness to wake up everyday in the morning, or may be even simpler things like going on out in an evening jog in the weekends?

Planning our day out just before we go to bed the very previous day has a statistically better chance to make the next day successful! Let’s take one day at a time, and do everysingle chore with so much passion put into it, that we do not get a chance to complain to ourselves about the failure to stick to our committments.

Bring it on 2014!

- Souvik

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